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Disrupting education and recruitment with just 1 app!

Between 2015-18 Cybloom arranged various meetings with key people in those industries about an app under development. It was designed to reduce student debt and recruitment costs by ALLOT, since it eliminates middlemen and bureaucrats. Investors where more than interested in my business plan, but they had watched too much “Shark Tank” to close a deal, and I wowed to return with a vengeance… that time has come! 

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Since 2018, the educational and recruitment industries have continued their decent into a cacophony of debt, “woke” war on meritocracy, and barrenness. Meanwhile I have refined a battery of psychometric and skills tests that will make those industries largely obsolete. 

Polymath programmer wanted!

I need someone with a self-corrective mind and warrior spirit. You must be familiar with app development for browsers, Android, and iOS. Send an email with examples of things you have developed and how you fit descriptors in the first sentence.

App is 100% financed by the competition

Financing will no longer come from “investors”, but from my competitors. Having honed my understanding of financial markets, I will short stock and trade derivatives against publicly listed securities of the competition. Profits from this will pay nicely.