Courses creating more value than they cost

These courses give you irresistible skills in the job market. Computers (PC and phones) are the most used tools in many jobs, and unavoidable in the others. Hence, it’s absurd that only 1% of employees have ever taken a course in HOW to efficiently use them. Imagine if only 1% of bus drivers or pilots took a driving course! Now you have the opportunity to learn all those things you (and your employer) wish you knew. 

Turbocharge Your Typing

Increase your typing speed and be able to write while looking at the screen. More, you will learn amazing time-saving shortcuts and tricks.

Working with AI: Hands-on Guide

Become an expert in prompt engineering to leverage groundbreaking AI technologies like GPT and Midjourney. Explore limitless possibilities and revolutionize your industry.

Hacking Self-defense

Protect yourself and your workplace from cyber threats with our hacking self-defense course. Learn how to outmaneuver hackers and safeguard valuable assets.