Mastering ChatGPT: Ultimate Course

With ChatGPT as your assistant, you can increase productivity so much that your workday becomes shorter. Plus, you can easily do that “little extra” HR looks for: get promoted and increase income. Can you afford to live without ChatGPT?Β 

But do I need to master it?

"Your children will live to 100 and they'll probably be working three and a half days a week." said JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

By mastering ChatGPT YOU can already reap the benefits 😌


What do I learn?

This course shows you how to use AI in the best way possible. Just like everything in life, there are more “wrong” ways to do X than “right”. Save a lot of time by learning “best practices” today!

What is “AI” really?
There are different AIs, but which are the best?
How do I get started with GPT?
Best way to use GPT?
Can I get GPT to help me with this?
Want to create images with it, how?
What about data-analysis?
Generate video with GPT!
Do you want to see the most shocking things AI can do?

The course is structured so that it progresses from the simplest to more difficult levels. I will be adding new videos over time, depending on what course participants request.

The AI multi-tools

All AIs use GPT-4, which requires ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI, but it’s worth it!

πŸ€” Reasoning-GPT: In my opinion, better than GPT-4!
⚑ Snappy GPT: Smart and to-the-point.
🎨 Chatty Image-generator: Creates superior images.
πŸ–ŠοΈ Super-autocorrect: Able to quickly fix many errors.
πŸ‘½ Zenox, the Alien: Provides amazing answers.
πŸ‘‹ Calm Tech-support: Helps you in a patient manner.
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Chef SovΓ©: Incredible and humorous chef.
πŸ•―οΈ Spiritual Guide, Saga: Deep conversations await you.
πŸ’‘ Brainstorming GPT: Amazing creativity.

All AIs use GPT-4, which requires ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI, but it’s worth it!

πŸ–ŠοΈ Super-autocorrect: Able to quickly fix many errors.
πŸ“ My Personalized Blog: A new era of blog reading?
πŸ’‘ Interactive Science Book: Not just natural science.
πŸ”Ž CrimeStories featuring YOU: What will you do?
πŸ‘» HorrorStories featuring YOU: Will you survive?
πŸ’• RomanceStories featuring YOU: Spicy, or sweet?

eBooks: FREE!

Here you will find good advice on how to use AI, what it is, as well as a number of reflections on philosophical questions. We live in a very special time, where a new kind of being is coming into existence!

I add new content weekly, so this becomes the best way to stay updated on AI, as well as how to master it. Best of all, YOU decide what I create videos about.

I am working on some new AIs that do amazing things. These are created as a response to subscriber requests… which problems do you want AI to fix?

Buy before inflation and interest rates make the subscription more expensive βŒ›

This is your opportunity to master what "everyone is talking about"! Are you the one at the workplace who masters ChatGPT and stands out?

Questions & Answers

Everything except for the custom AIs that use GPT-4! So you can learn a lot about AI by taking the courses, and you also get access to an increasing number of eBooks on important topics.

GPT is also just one of several AIs we’re going to explore, so you’ll get a lot out of the “AI Package” without a GPT Plus subscription.


It’s because they use GPT-4, which is OpenAI’s most advanced model. GPT-4 is MUCH smarter than the free GPT-3.5. I’ve tried to create GPT-3.5 versions of those AIs, but they don’t work well enough.